my eyes

Once upon a time there was a mere twig of a girl sprouted from a long line of wandering vines.  She longed to grow far beyond the stony walls and picket fences which kept the vineyard contained.  She shrank from the constant grafting and pruning intended to keep her malleable and productive yet tamed and restricted.  Her mind’s wandering spirit took her far beyond the walls and framework she had grown to distrust.  So, as the rest coiled themselves deeper into the only reality they had, she inched ever closer to the little chink she found in the mortar between the stones that lay heavy between her and the world outside.  She knew it would mean leaving behind every sprig of identity she one held close, yet nothing could stop her as she coiled her way through the tiny fissure.

Beyond the wall lay fields and gardens and forests- tangled and sublime.  Thus began her journey – her growth to become sweet wine.   She would offer her fruit to the forest floor, to the winged bird, to the sun’s truth and she would never stop.

Rowena is an artist, poet and workshop facilitator living in Central Oregon currently collaborating with fellow creatives in developing affordable workshops designed to inspire, activate and empower the Creative Self.  To learn more about Inspire Workshops, click on the link found under Blog Roll.


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