Soon, she said
when alignment and scraps of paper
allow, I will
stabbing emphatically in air
her color splashed punctuation
sprayed her life
with missing verbs in the space
between each exclamation point, period
or comma
the punctuated longing trapped
in her swirl
I mean it, she said
but the exclamation was
now flying through air completely


her will needed no alignment
or scraps of paper
at all



Monkey Meditation


It took a long, long silence
sitting, breathing, observing chatter
Oh monkey – you were so afraid
to stop
So I waited and waited
and waited
Until you – with question eyes
paused just long enough to see
Hello monkey – you are safe here
we rest together, you and I
Softly, slowly, you disappear into
a brief swimming – our broad expanse
until you find your toes cannot touch bottom
You thrash and chatter
not trusting your own buoyancy
Your ability to surrender to Flow
without drowning
So I wait and let you
Until you – with question eyes
remember to pause, remember to let me again
Introduce you to yourSelf – ready
Then, your monkey face smiles and laughs
And We laugh and laugh and laugh.


Independence Day



bright rays cling to the rainbow flag 
waving proudly 
above rainbow flowers 
planted in late spring 
and flowing like Niagara 
from the plastic pot 
green with chimes 
orchestrated by the flag pole 
ropes slapping carelessly 
in the eastward breeze 
having skimmed the ocean’s 
skin until it’s saltiness still 
vaguely present 
collects on mine 
tethered lightly by invisible 
cords strung effortlessly 
between this breath and the next 
inhaling charcoal instead 
of gunpowder 
realizing that nothing today 
reminds me of the blood that fell

for Independence Day

Writing Prompt – In the faint glow…


I enjoy writing prompts – here’s one from Writing from the Soul.  And my response:

In the faint glow – early rise
Window flung wide
Highway, rain, bird…circular life skies
Sound wave rolls far inland
All the way to heart
Driftwood at the brief edge of morning
Rise and fall
Rise and fall
Along with breath – remember…
All the world in love here
All the world disarming
All I am at last, dear – Surrender


Today’s Twitterpoetry

Looking out my studio window this morning I am struck by the rooftops with smokey red chimneys against the horizon.  A cool morning for the first day of summer and a bit damp from the night rain…so I wrote a little twitter poem.  You can find it at:


hipped rooftops sway

climb hill steeps

stagger into mountain

lean there – green hair

dripping dew-sweat

part brick red lips

with smoke rings





Today, I am crystal – faceted light
skin-stretch across day and night
interior cool clear heart vessel music
filled with verb –
dance, sing, flow, melt, laugh, love, cry, help.
Today, I contain.
I hold field flowers erect within my slender neck
capture heaven a thousand drops – no,
more than that, I capture every sound
liquid. So please, stroke this edge of mine
s-l –o-w-l -y
find the vibrating high note
so that I shatter.  Move along the edge
until I crack open
spilling all I am into the world.